“I’ve been a client of Dwayne’s now for a little over two years. Aside from knowing Dwayne for quite a while as a friend, I went to him for help in continuing my recovery from a life changing injury. In the years prior, I had an opportunity to watch Dwayne train other clients…and noticed an aspect of his training sessions I found rare if even non-existent in other trainers I had observed or hired in the past – and that was the fact that EVERY training session was different. Many trainers have a standard set up exercise for various parts of the body, resulting in each training session being a repeat of the last with the emphasis on more weight, more reps and (gasp) putting the same exercises in a different order. Not so with Dwayne whose constantly varying training sessions I knew were what I needed to keep challenging myself, keep progressing and to stay interested since all of my exercise sessions involve a level of pain that most people would use to avoid their exercise routine. So I started training with him…and found my observations were indeed correct. No workout is ever the same as the last. And while I sometimes think he stays up late at night just to conceive of new movements or exercises to challenge me and entertain him (ha!), it is the variety and even the good natured humor he uses to keep me coming back and continuing my slow improvement over time. I know I’ll never be back to where I was physically before the injury, but I know that his training, encouragement and humor are the reason I’m still enjoying a quality of life and physical activity that are SO much better than if I had never become his client. If you are looking not just for a “good” trainer but a GREAT one, you can’t do any better than Dwayne.”

- Ron L.

“I have worked out for almost 30 years alone and was quite successful in maintaining my weight and muscle mass for some time. But over time my workout routine became stale, by diet was non-existent. I gained weight, looked out of shape and felt generally miserable about the way I looked, even though I maintained my regular workout routine. I began working with Dwayne and it was hard to hear about how bad my diet was and accepting instructions on form and workout routines. But now I have lost almost 20 lbs and feel wonderful again. My lean muscle mass is maintaining but losing body fat. I am getting back into the shape I was 20 years ago. I feel very lucky to have made the changes in my lifestyle recommended by Dwayne and look forward to working with him in the future.”
- Michael C.

“We have been working for many years with Dwayne as our trainer. He is thoroughly professional, very knowledgeable about all aspects of his craft, and really good at tailoring routines to current goals, to any medical issues, or simply to your energy level on a given day. And as important as safe and efficacious exercise routines are, if you are to stick with any program it needs to stay fresh and be enjoyable. Dwayne never bores, keeps it fresh by varying your routines, and makes each and every appointment a lot of fun. Dwayne will become a good friend if you let him, a good friend with your best interests at heart. Let him help you achieve those goals.”
- Larry & John

“I came to Dwayne a few years ago at the recommendation of my primary care physician because my blood sugar, cholesterol and other health indicators were headed in the wrong direction. In addition to working out with me, he’s given me advice on diet and lifestyle changes that have turned things around. My doctor and I are very pleased with the results.”
- Steve T.

“What do you need in a trainer? And, does Dwayne Cookson deliver? You need someone who: focuses on you – check; tailors a training program for you – check; pays attention to you during the session – check; is smart – check; is fun – check. Whether your goal is weight loss, or muscle gain, or core strength, or some other measure, Dwayne Cookson is the trainer for you.”
- Gerard B.

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